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I am a designer specializing in UI/UX, Visual and Digital product design

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Some of the organizations I’ve worked with

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My work

Building LazyCard app experience

Learn more about how I designed the LazyCard experience for the LazyPay users.

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Designing LazyCard

LazyCard is the newest revolutionary offering from the leading financial services provider - Laypay.

Booking experience

Belville is OYO owned portal for accommodation rentals, such as holiday homes, holiday parks, and hotels.


Building OYO Circle

Building OYO Circle

OYO Circle is OYO's Travel Influencer & Affiliate Channel. Content creators and website owners join us to promote OYO hotels & homes in order to earn a commission.


Hungerr App

Hungurr is an Online Food Delivery App that can help people select any number of dishes, from various restaurants within their area, and get them delivered to their doorstep.

MilkStore app

Designing an eCommerce platform for ordering dairy products with features like daily milk delivery at doorstep.

Sales Management Dashboard

A product used by Area’s sales manager who monitors the progress & manages the sales in the stores assigned to him.

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